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POLAND 869 892 (1).txt

Users wishing to apply CPI, PPP or LIS PPP deflators directly to the microdata through LISSY, can do so by accessing the LIS PPP files in either .dta or .txt format (see syntax to access the file in R, SAS, or Stata here).

POLAND 869 892 (1).txt


As note in the README.txt those strange characters are how the columns are separated (I guess so that the commas could be kept in the text). The Line IDs seem to be in reverse oredr, and don't seem to have all the lines - unless they're out of order and just looking at the head is misleading. For reference the movie for the lines I showed (the dialog between Bianca and Cameron) is from 12 Things I Hate About You. For some reason they both encode the chraracters and give their names - u0 is BIANCA. 041b061a72


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