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Pta Observation Essay Examples ##VERIFIED##

The Physical Therapist Assistant curriculum is configured sequentially to allow the student to complete the general education courses in a flexible format. During this time, the student can complete not only the academic requirements needed for the associate degree but can also complete the observation requirements and all necessary documentation required prior to applying for the technical portion of the degree. Movement into the technical portion is dependent on the successful completion of the pre-requisite coursework as well as the additional specific admissions requirements found below.

pta observation essay examples

The application cycle for the Fall 2023 incoming cohort is now open. This is an online application process that can only be accessed through a dedicated link supplied to you during an advising appointment. For those wanting to be considered during this application cycle, please contact your MTC advisor to setup an appointment and verify that you are on track and ready to apply and, if so, to gain access to the online application. Be prepared to upload all required documents as are indicated on the application prior to submittal, to include but not limited to observation forms and reflection paper, all unofficial college transcripts (MTC and other), and a letter of PT clinic employment verification (if applicable). Submitting the application with missing documents will classify it as an incomplete application and therefore not be considered during the application review process.

Clinic observation is strongly recommended fo the NMC Physical Therapist Assistant Program for admission. This is your opportunity to weigh your interest in the field and to learn more about the physical therapy profession. Therapists or assistants within the clinic who are providing you the opportunity for this experience will need to verify your participation in writing by signing an observation form. Twenty hours (20) are recommended to meet the minimum admission criteria. It is YOUR responsibility to arrange this observation. You may fulfill the hours at more than one facility.

All complete applications with documentation of the minimum qualifications are evaluated and ranked in the first three (3) selection criteria. Points are assigned based on information acquired in the KSU academic record. The top 45 applicants are invited to interview and submit an essay. Seats in the class are offered to the applicants with the highest total points in all 7 criteria. Acceptance to technical study continues until a maximum of 28 students are accepted, or first semester classes begin.

The purpose of the assessment process is to assess the applicant's behaviors and readiness for a rigorous PTA program. Each applicant will complete 2 paper/pencil assessments followed by writing of 2 essay responses. All applicants are un-identified by name during the assessment process. Assessment sessions last for approximately 50 minutes in length and normally include 5-8 applicants with 3-4 faculty or staff members in the assessment room. Following completion of the applicant assessment day, a maximum of 50 points are assigned to the assessment based on the following areas:

Applicants not accepted to technical study in a given year may re-apply in a subsequent year. Observation and Recommendation forms are valid and kept in the PTA office for two (2) years after the last observation date. Students not selected are encouraged to meet with a program advisor to review the strength of their application and establish a plan to meet their academic and career goals.

The Admissions Committee encourages applicants to seek out observation experiences with a practicing, licensed physical therapist in diverse settings and with diverse patient populations. Examples of Physical Therapy settings may include but are not limited to: hospitals, clinics (sports medicine, pediatrics, hand therapy), private offices, home health, skilled nursing/extended care facilities, and schools. Documentation of these experiences will occur in the PTCAS application. The Admissions Committee recommends a minimum of 100 hours of paid or volunteer experience to cover the breadth of physical therapy practice described above.

Complete a minimum of 80 directly clinical care observation hours at two different physical therapy settings (sports, pediatric, home health, acute care, geriatric, etc.) and document them in the PTCAS system.

For your application packet to be complete, you are required to complete 40 hours of physical therapy observation, volunteer or work experience in two different physical therapy settings under the supervision of two different licensed PT/PTAs. Contact Ms. Bryant or Ms. Cox by email or phone for more detailed instructions about completing observation hours.

In addition to grounding your review on the production you witness, you must be careful to limit your review to a few essential observations in support of your thesis (which will be discussed below). You must concentrate on a few important ideas and aspects of the production and focus your attention on only what you consider the most significant parts of the production itself. Unlike a newspaper review, which can be loosely structured and superficial, your assignment is quite definite. You are not asked to cover a wide variety of production elements (i.e. performance of every actor, every costume change, every set change, every directorial decision, and so on); instead, the assignment demands that you develop a few key ideas in thoughtful detail.

One of the methods used in this example is to observe a worker actually perform the job. The major advantages of this method include that it does not rely on individual memory and that observing or performing the process prompts the recognition of hazards. For infrequently performed or new jobs, observation may not be practical.

A JSA, or better still, a written work procedure based on it, can form the basis for regular contact between supervisors and workers. It can serve as a teaching aid for initial job training and as a briefing guide for infrequent jobs. It may be used as a standard for health and safety inspections or observations. In particular, a JSA will assist in completing comprehensive accident investigations.

This part of the analysis is usually prepared by knowing or watching a worker do the job. The observer is normally the immediate supervisor. However, a more thorough analysis often happens by having another person, preferably a member of the health and safety committee, participate in the observation. Key points are less likely to be missed in this way.

Once the basic steps have been recorded, potential hazards must be identified at each step. Based on observations of the job, knowledge of accident and injury causes, and personal experience, list the things that could go wrong at each step.

A second observation of the job being performed may be needed. Since the basic steps have already been recorded, more attention can now be focused on each potential hazards. At this stage, no attempt is made to solve any problems which may have been detected.

Applicants are required to have knowledge of physical therapy by working, observing, or volunteering in at least two different physical therapy settings. A minimum of 40 hours of the required 80 hours must be completed prior to submitting application. Program requires hours in more than one setting. Applicants will need to put their PT experience (volunteer hours) in through PTCAS even if they are re-applicants. A minimum of 20 observation hours must be complete in a second different setting.

Sue was extremely prompt and thoughtful in providing her comments, edits, and revisions. My essay had a good start but she helped me write it with admissions committees in mind. I will keep you updated on if I get interview invitations.

Sarah was beyond amazing, she was always on time with my essay edits, took the time needed to really listen to what I had to say. Sarah pretty much transformed my essay form caveman style to an easy, awesome flow good content easy and fun to read essay. I am very thankful for her collaboration, I could not have done anything that resembles her quality of work. Thanks a million!!!!

I just wanted to give you an update! So far I have had two interviews and been accepted to both! I have three more interviews scheduled as of right now, and still waiting to hear from a handful of schools. Thank you so much for all of your help with my essay!

Sue Edmonson has been a great help in ensuring my personal statement made sense and fit what information I was trying to convey. Her ability to find the pertinent parts in an essay and gain more information about me to make the essay seem relative to my pursuits was truly a Godsend. Would recommend her and your company to others. Thanks!

Susan did a fantastic job of editing my essay! She guided me and gave me suggestions for strengthening certain sections and equally took out weak parts. After I followed her recommendations, I really felt like I had an essay where every sentence mattered and reflected who I was. Thank you so much Susan for your help. I feel that I have a stronger essay because of your honest feedback and your help!

Deanna was so amazing! She was really thorough and strengthened my essay in one edit! I feel so confident submitting my essay and I have high hopes for interviews! Thank you for providing these services to those of us with stories that need help being told. I would definitely recommend this service to everyone who wants to apply to PA school!

I worked with Duke to edit and complete my essay. It was a terrific experience that I would recommend to everyone! Duke has an amazing ability to help you move things around and change it a little, while still making it feel like 100% your own work. We talked out every change we made, and we both conceded to each other in different places. He made extra time for me when I got stressed out about the deadline, and worked with me for a while each time we sat down. I paid $199 for this service, and I think that was the best bargain I ever got! I have been invited back to submit supplemental applications to some schools, and I will keep the team updated about my interviews. Thanks Duke!!!


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