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Green Zone: The Movie That Exposed the Lies Behind the Iraq War

At least that's my hope. For all the space my disc collection takes up in my house, I hope to keep expanding it until whatever is going to eventually kill me does its job, and then someone else can get to enjoy them or pass them on to like-minded film devotees. It's worth noting that to this day if my girlfriend spots a film she wants to watch on Netflix and I have the title on Blu-ray, then I reach straight for the disc, and while I think of my digitally downloaded movies simply as a folder on a hard drive, I have always regarded my discs as a collection.

The white paper encourages working on set to be split into "zones" going forward. Productions large and small are enacting a policy where only certain crew members are allowed on set at certain times. In the case of "Jurassic World: Dominion," which will be one of the first major studio movies to restart production on July 6, the crew will be social distancing six feet apart onset and a "green zone" will be set up for cast and crew to help stop untested crew from coming in, according to Deadline.

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The Knowledge Media Institute's Paul Hogan has developed an augmented reality mobile application for the Open Media Unit to be used in conjunction with their HUNT poster campaign, that compliments the new OU/BBC series 'The Hunt' which begins on 1st November on BBC 1. The app, available on both Android and IOS, provides the user with an augmented reality enhanced view of the HUNT poster. A 3D movie cube is displayed when the user points their device at the poster and they can interact with the cube to view films from the TV series narrated by Sir David Attenborough, with some additional exclusive to the OU content. There are also short films with scientist interviews that will be released in parallel with each aired TV episode.Broadcast Project Manager for The Hunt, Caroline Green, from The Open Media Unit project managed the development of the app from concept to release.Please note: the app is not available to download until Monday 2 November.More details about the The Hunt TV series can be found here


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