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Doom Samsara Extra Heroes

USAGE:-Extract the file from "Nuke Gloves for Duke in Samsara EH"(i guess you did this already), the content is just a folder called "Weapons".-Do a backup of the original mod "samsara_ex-hc2.pk3" file, then rename it samsara_ex-hc2.(NG).pk3 (or however you prefer, it does not really matter, this is just to avoid confusion and mess things up).-Right click on the renamed "samsara_ex-hc2.(NG).pk3" file and open it with winrar (or similar programs).-Double click on "Sprites" folder, then double click on "Duke" folder, you have to drag and drop here the extracted "Weapons" folder,it will replace the old one already there, now click on OK.-Done.

Doom Samsara Extra Heroes


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