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Download Goat Simulator Waste of Space APK for Android - Free Simulation Game

This time the goat went to space, in space is not so easy to be able to engage in damage, you will lose weight floating up. Players can be the embodiment of star war sheep, profiled sheep, mechanical sheep, and can also cultivate feelings with humans, together to conquer the universe! Like the players do not miss oh

Be a space goat and build a space colony by headbutting people and taking their money. Who knows best how to spend it but a goat? Build a Command bridge training simulator, a space museum or even your very own spaceship. Shoot down asteroids and space pirates or travel to a nearby planet.

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A game for lovers of destruction and ruin. The main character is an immortal goat, his goal is to destroy everything in its path. In the first part, the goat frolicked on Earth and destroyed everything there, now it goes to space. Control a spaceship, control an invulnerable goat, destroy enemies and just destroy everything. You can also create your own space colony of goats. You can take tours, complete tasks and earn money. A game with great features, excellent graphics and interesting moves.


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