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HTRI Xchanger Suite V6.00 Hit

HTRI Xchanger Suite v6.00: A Game-Changer for Heat Exchanger Engineers

Heat exchangers are essential devices for many industrial processes, such as chemical, oil and gas, power generation, refrigeration, and more. They transfer heat between fluids or phases, such as liquids, gases, or solids, to achieve a desired temperature or phase change. Designing and optimizing heat exchangers requires a thorough understanding of the thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, and mechanical aspects involved.

Fortunately, heat exchanger engineers have a powerful tool at their disposal: HTRI Xchanger Suite v6.00. This software is considered to be the most advanced thermal process design and simulation software available. It can rate, simulate, and/or design a variety of heat transfer equipment, such as tubular-based geometries, compact heat exchangers, flow-induced vibration, and fired heaters. It can also perform cost estimation and fabrication scheduling for heat exchangers.


HTRI Xchanger Suite v6.00 is based on over half a century of applied research and data collected on industrially relevant heat transfer equipment by HTRI, a leading global source of process heat transfer technology, research, software, and services. The software uses rigorous and accurate calculation methods that are constantly updated to meet the evolving engineering needs of the industry.

Some of the new features and capabilities of HTRI Xchanger Suite v6.00 include:

  • An electric heater option and method improvements for heat transfer and pressure drop for forced vs. natural draft in air coolers.

  • Shellside/tubeside film boiling heat transfer and shellside critical heat flux calculations.

  • Shellside heat transfer for both horizontal and vertical unbaffled shells.

  • Mixture shellside condensation calculations.

  • New UHX tubesheet calculation sheets per ASME Section VIII Division 1 Appendix 26.

  • Estimation methods for twisted-tape inserts and heat exchanger piping.

  • Detailed output report for installation cost.

  • 64- and 32-bit compatibility.

With HTRI Xchanger Suite v6.00, heat exchanger engineers can create advanced models to generate performance predictions with industry-leading accuracy. They can also optimize their designs for efficiency, reliability, safety, and cost-effectiveness. The software is easy to set up and user friendly, allowing users to complete their work more quickly. It also works with many major software packages for physical properties, process simulation, mechanical design, integrated engineering, and fan selection.

HTRI Xchanger Suite v6.00 is a game-changer for heat exchanger engineers who want to stay ahead of the curve in the competitive and dynamic field of thermal process design and simulation. It is a comprehensive and reliable solution that can handle any heat transfer challenge with confidence and ease.

To learn more about HTRI Xchanger Suite v6.00 or to request an evaluation, visit [HTRI's website].


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